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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 13:47:42 (UTC)
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I just read that it's spelled Timur-e-Lang (Timur the lame) for Tamerlane; but modern Persians who name their children after him pronouce it as Teymour, or Teymur. Anyway, you may have been thinking of another leader. But among the Persians it's known that he, and his fighters, mixed and intermarried -- but also raped and ravaged (according to wikipedia) all of the women of the places they conquered.

That could be the reason why in my mother's side of the family I have cousins who look more Mongolian, than they do Persian.. and these are my girl cousins and they are breathlessly beautiful.

There's nothing, in my opinion, as beautiful as the children of interracial marriage: like my friend who's mother is Korean and father is Black; or, another girl I dated who's father was Indian (Hindu) and her mother was English.

Yo! I'm a prime example: Persian, Azeri and Mongolian on mother's side; Nestorian and Armenian on my father's side: I'm so pretty that when I look at my reflection in the lake, it's the lake that gets drowned me, and not the other way around: And in the empty lake bed, a cannabis flowers grows. Unlike Pancho, the Narcissist, I am Marcel, the Cannabisist!

And "I move like a butterfly and sting like a bee", if I blow you kiss, you'll get high like me! (My duo with the champ, Muhammad Ali.)

Ali bumaye!! Ali bumaye!!


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