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Re: Okay, just this once I'll do your work for you....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 30 2012, 2:00:54 (UTC)
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Wikipedia says you must give citations for material you use...In the passage below the words "bona fide" are highlighted, so I clicked to, the line reads "they are Christians", no argument there...."and are possibly bona fide descendants of their namesakes".

> Cavalli-Sforza et al. state in addition, "[T]he Assyrians are a fairly homogeneous group of people, believed to originate from the land of old Assyria in northern Iraq", and "they are Christians and are possibly bona fide descendants of their namesakes."

..okay, it says "possibly", which again means no historical evidence even....I think they were just being polite, and besides history is not their subject...anyway, when I clicked on "bona fide", I got no examples showing WHAT boba fides...I only got this...

In philosophy, the concept of good faith (Latin: bona fides, or bona fide for "in good faith") denotes sincere, honest intention or belief, regardless of the outcome of an action; "philosophy"...nothing about science or history..we all know anything goes in philosophy.

...but here's the killer...

, in the U.S., American English usage of bona fides applies it as synonymous with credentials, professional background, and documents attesting a person's identity, which is not synonymous with bona fide occupational qualifications.[3

...need we say more?


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