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Re: Shamiram Monument Rejected for Second Time by University....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 20:00:26 (UTC)
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"Taking down statues of traitors to the United States has nothing to do with we pointed out to the University, this is a queen from 3000 years ago....who could object? To which one administrator actually said.."What if some Ottoman Turks object"? Object to what?...there were no Ottomans back then."

-- I saw this on Facebook and it's disappointing, considering that one of the professors there is the firebrand "Angry Arab" As'ad AbuKhalil, a Lebanese Shia/Sunni Arab former Marxist turned anarchist. Guess who attends the university? A former Marine who brags about killing Iraqi Arabs and Afghans, and who was arrested in Turlock when he assaulted and robbed (with a gun) an Iraqi cabbie (may have been an Assyrian) because he reminded him of the "Hajjis" whom he joyfully murdered in the Middle East. The asshole is named, Nathan D'Amigo, belonging to Identity Evropa, and infamous for punching a little anarchist girl in Berkeley:


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