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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, May 21 2017, 19:40:02 (UTC)
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Pancho, I'd love to agree with your analysis, but FOX and the pussy-suited clean -shaven "Nazis" are just shown on the tube for ratings and fear... so that people get scared and dip chips in their beer while decide with their wife or partner, "honey, I think we should buy a gun, or guns", and then, they go to the gun shows and become Nazis because the snake oil salesperson lubes their rigid, frightened minds with stories about "Foreskin Mexican rapists", or "Allahu-Akbar Arabs", or "Smiling North Koreans: One young, thirty in their eighties", or "The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, and the the 'hidden Imam Zaman' -- the Mahdi, whose been in Occultation 'Ghaybah'-- until the return of Mishikhah 'Christ' and a two to one fight breaks out between the Mahdi and Mishikhah against the Al-Masih- ad-Dajjal".... All this shit started with the 1964 Civil Rights Act (JFK's November assassination gave Johnson, who hated the Kennedy clan, wanted to be JFK, so he acted like Jack, and it took only eight months to sign the '64 Civil Rights Act. Next year, he enacted the 1965 Voting Rights Act -- which was gutted by the Republicans a few years ago. The Civil Rights Act, by the way, benefited Jews more than Blacks. During the 1930s, Jews were working class socialist union organizers. Yes, there were rich Jews, but as the late playwright, Arthur Miller explained, in the '30s there was not one single CEO of a corporation that was Jewish; and, there were quotas for Ivy League universities, so Jewish students would travel to Europe to study and become doctors. And, as a matter of fact, from the beginning of our nation the Episcopalians have been the elite. It was the Civil Rights Act that enabled Jews to excel, and Blacks too; but Jews did much better... much... much... better! And that's why the united front of Jews and Blacks broke down: Blacks were still in the ghettos, while Jews were buying the ghetto buildings, the neighborhood Harlem stores, and hence, the Jewish/Black Student Non-Violent Coordinating Coalition (SNCC) broke down, kicked out the white Jews... and slowly but surely, "Violence is as American as Cherry Pie" H.Rap Brown and Stokely Charmichael (Kwame Ture) turned away from MLK's non-violence, and veered toward Black Power, and the writings of the Frantz Fanon's, "The Wretched of the Earth"... which influenced many revolutionaries, including EL Che... Fanon was a psychiatrist and lives a short life: dying in in 1961, after doing much work for the FLN in Algeria against the French. As I posted a few weeks back, if you have NETFLIX, watch "Concerning Violence". But for now, watch this two-minute clip on YouTube:


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