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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 21 2012, 16:29:15 (UTC)
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This person I work with and who finished high school didn't know where Wall Street was, when the US became independent, didn't know names of first four presidents, couldn't tell me what the population of this country is(approximately) and many other things. Another one was telling me about going to Florida and kept saying he needs to go "up there" and I started correcting him by letting him know that Florida is not up there but rather down there. Another one told me he was proud to have never gone anywhere outside the USA and he had no intentions to travel because he thinks it's to scare, crazy and dangerous everywhere else. I had to inform him that his country was the most dangerous among industrial nations. The USA has more murders, more drug related crimes, more poverty(which leads to crime and other problems), more theft, etc. He didn't even know about the above. I told him that Iraq before the invasion was much, much, safer than the US and at one point the average Iraqi had it better than the American.

We are dealing with the most stupid people in the world here. Even the ones who live in trailers, have no teeth in mouth, have no cars or drive one with broken windows, don't have no money for gas, live like pigs and are laughed at are some of the biggest jerks and super patriots around. When some among this low-class group complain, it's only because they don't have money but they won't go very far and usually start defending the wealthy owners the next day. I work with people like that. I told one cracker that always talks to me at work not to complain to me anymore and that I don't wanna hear it. He complains and gets me going but then the next day he comes back with trying to defend the same people who are fucking his mom and his ass. I guess he arrogance just can't allow someone who isn't of his race to speak like this of his country and he still upset that he can't beat my arguments or refute the facts I present.

There is another fuck who is a huge right-wing fanatic and always boasts about Reagan and how he defeated to Soviet Union, ended communism, freed the world and got rid of "welfare and all those low-lives on it." I reminded him that Reagan also slashed social programs wjich ended up hurting soldiers and war vets but he didn't care, and Bush did the same thing with cutting spending and stopping funding to the wounded soldiers and that's why so many of the homeless in America are Vietnam vets and other war vets.


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