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Re: Suspected Witches Burned Alive by Christians in Kenya, Africa [VIDEO]
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 13 2013, 1:33:48 (UTC)
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...people don;t need religion to do good...they need it when they need permission to do something bad, even inhuman, as in "divine". Common sense survival dictated the Golden Rule and all tribes and cultures had to value honesty and affection and outlaw theft and murder or they never would have stayed together...but, how do you approve of murder...cruelty...injustice...superstition? You do it by bringing in a God...HE tells you it's okay to do what your laws tell you not one needed a God to be kind to a child...but they did need a God to tell them it was okay to cut living flesh off a boy's penis...THAT took a God! Something our laws and common decency, call criminal and cruel and disgusting is made into a "holy" act to appease a God.

Christianity would have died out if not for the Roman Empire...the Romans didn;t become Christian, they made Christ Roman...the first "official" act of Jesus, where the Romans were concerned, was his blessings on the Roman army when it faced a battle at the Milvan Bridge...Jesus came to Constantine and told him he would win and slaughter thousands of fathers and brothers and sons in the sign of the cross.....Jesus didn't come telling them to be kind, or decent, or plant flowers...he came telling them to WIN a battle!

And it's been downhill ever since.


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