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Re: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 9:06:20 (UTC)
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I wonder if this is how it works: FBI Agents (provocateurs) zero in on young mid-eastern men (or in cases when dealing with anarchist, environmentalists and anti-war groups) and get friendly and win their trust -- as anyone in a confidence game does.

Then these con-men would provide information such as rare video clips of what the US/UK forces were doing to innocent women and children.. scenes of rape and slaughter.. or in the case of anarchist groups, they would be shown films of corporations' naked disregard to nature, ie cutting down hundred year old (or more) trees, devastating the environment, clips of companies dumping toxic waste in the most pristine of all natural habitats.. like I mentioned, rare footage, nothing one can find on YouTube, or even in the private meetings of these activist groups.

In the case of enabling these would be "terrorists", they'd watch people who resemble their mothers and sisters getting gangraped, men who look like their fathers get slapped and forced to watch the awful, nightmarish scenes.. boys who look like their brothers, cousins, family members or friends beaten, raped, humilated, tortured (as the classy British did in Kenya when they sodomized men with tubes and dropped scorpians through these tube up in their rectum cavaties.

Then comes the "brother how can you idlely sit here and not want to avenge what the infidel are doing to our people. You are in the battle zone and Allah will reach you in your dreams through a sign that you may not understand since 'HE the Blessed' works in strange ways in choosing his next soldier" (suggestion after suggestion, pschological mind tricks, planting ideas, or mobilising the inert, psychic/emotional energy of anger, revenge and shaping that to fulfill the "master plan" to "get back at the infidel to make 'Allah be pleased with you, brother'.

Then comes the superficial training, the bogus weaponery, etc., And on the other end, feeding stories to the public beforehand to suggest that "there are sleeper cells," "there will be another attack," "we americans are not safe," "the Jews, God chosen, are not safe."

And the last phase is arming these guys, giving them a plan of attack, and there you'll have it on the news: "Another Terror plan foiled by the FBI".. And who pays in taxes, in losing civil liberties and possibley freedom because the system needs to keep producing fear?

It is we the tax paying citizens who are losing, when our tax money for better schools, social programs, infrastructure, etc., gets allocated for a more, sophisticated set of sinister agencies to save us from what and whom? Our critical thinking abilities to clearly analyse the situation and call it what it is: Repression and yet another way to exploit the ruled who work and pay to keep the rulers climbing on our backs to their high and mighty towers of lies, avarice, death and ultimate destruction.


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