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Re: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 2 2012, 22:44:28 (UTC)
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After watching this movie about the cop who lived a double-life, infiltrating groups, who BY LAW, have the right to protest against the the actions of the corportate Mafia, HE (Mark Stone the activists, and Mark Kennedy, the cop), gets spit out after he was used.

I then watched the drama, Serpico, a narrative film depicting the life of one, Franics "Paco" Serpico -- protrayed by the then young, Al Pacino before he started screaming in every fuckin' role as he began to age.. I still like him, though and am looking forward in watching him in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film, The Irishman, co-starring with Robert De Niro (who I hope will stop playing a caricature of himself with the stupid facial expressions i.e, the the smirks, the twisted mouth; Harvey Keitel (still a a decent actor); and Joe Pesci. The film is about the alleged killer of Jimmy Hoffa.

Back to Serpico, who wanted to be a good cop, bust the right people and serve and protect the community -- what the police should be doing and have taken an oath to do so. (But we all know that the police and the armed forces protect and serve the interests of the 1%: the Coroporate Syndicate, the Banks, the architects of war, etc.)

In Serpico, directed by Sidney Lumet, a prolific director who's other credits are Dog Day Afternoon, The Prince of the City, or some of his earlier ones, like 12 Angry Men, or one of favorites, an obscure film based on Tennessee Williams play, "Orpheus Descending", which was adapted to the screen as The Fugitive Kind (1960) with Marlon Brando (after this, Brando was hit and miss, until the Godfather), co-starring with the fiery Anna Magnani who's tremendous films: Accatone (an early Pier Paolo Passolini film), or the spectacular, Roberto Rosselini's Open City, cast her whithin the pantheon of the goddesses of Italian cinema, (she was also in the Rose Tattoo with Burt Lancaster)-- but by this time there was a new starlet, who was more than just sheer beauty and cleavage: Sofia Loren.. and time and again, she proved herself as in De Sica's, Two Women, or the amazing, A Special Day, where she plays a repressed housewife, who's husband and son have gone to hear the speech of El Duche, while a strange, introverted, homosexual neighbor, played by Marcello Mastriani, who is a communist, spends that "special" day with her, dicussing the dangerous future of Italy under fascism, in which he changes her mind... and she, his, as they converge in love-making.

I know I digress...

My point about Serpico and this undercover cop who became nothing but a tool for the corporate fascist agenda, is that in Serpico, "Paco" realizes that the corruption isn't limited to just a few bad cops, it goes all the up the chain of command. And, when he gets set up in a situation when he almost gets killed in front of his so-called partners who do nothing when the situation erupts with the would be criminal taking a shot at "Paco"'s head. He comes to the conclusion that the entire system is corrupt: A system who's participants sole oath is to money and power. In real life, when he leaves the states to live in Switzerland, the FBI come looking for him (in Europe), so he gets completely off the grid, buys a VW bus and travels Europe, from Switzerland to Germany, until he finds his base in the Netherlands from where he travels the world -- in including the East and far East.

Anyway, I recommend both films, and my understanding is this: Until the few rulers on top of the pyramid are shaken from below (and they will retaliate, since historically, the empire always strikes back), there will be no change... nothing at all,.. except more repressive violence, new laws protecting the institutional violence against the masses, and more Machiavellian divide and rule... nothing more.

When I went to see Tariq Ali's lecture yesterday, I was the only youngster, I'm 40... The rest were 55-75 years old.. though later, a few young Spaniards showed up.. but every one was tired, including Tariq (and myself).. I felt like the character in Ken Kessey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" novel, where one of the patients in the asylum keeps saying "I'm tired"... and later in the book, he sits on the toilet, cuts off his balls and bleeds to death.. "All he had to do was wait," the narrator tell us.

Well, I'm not that tired and I like my eshkateh, if it wasn't for them, I'd wouldn't be writing anything at all.


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