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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, August 31 2017, 1:10:26 (UTC)
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Was not Morocco a colony of Spain, and even after its so-called "independence", it morphed like most post-colonial possessions into a neo-colonial territory: that is, its mineral wealth, its labor force, and its mercenaries were at the behest of Spanish rulers: especially during its Fascist period when Arab columns of fighters were exploited to fight, rape and kill Spanish anarchists, socialists and communists who were fighting to protect the Spanish Republican government against the clownish Falangismo dictator, Francisco Franco, whom without the aid of Hitler and Mussolini (like the brutal bombing of Guernica immortalized by Picasso in his breathtaking painting by the same title), and the embargo against the legitimate Republican government by the western democracies of U.K. and U.S.---all the while sending him oil and petrol and possibly weapons---ended up with the victory of the Fascists, which gave both Italian Fascists and German Nazis an easy "ratline" to South America, like Argentina and Chile, where the Nazis built the mysterious Colonia Dignidad (Via Bavierra)?

From Wikipedia:

"Colonia Dignidad's longest continuous leader, Schäfer, was a fugitive, accused of child molestation in the former West Germany. The organization he led in Chile was described, alternately, as a cult or as a group of "harmless eccentrics". The organization was secretive, and the Colonia was surrounded by barbed wire fences, and featured a watchtower and searchlights, and was later reported to contain secret weapon caches. In recent decades, external investigations, including efforts by the Chilean government, uncovered a history of criminal activity in the enclave, including child sexual abuse.[6] As well, the findings include that its legal activities were supplemented by income related to weapons sales and money laundering.[not verified in body] Bruce Falconer, writing in a piece entitled "The Torture Colony" (in The American Scholar), and referencing Chile's National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, has reported that a small set of the individuals taken by Pinochet's Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional during his rule were held as prisoners at Colonia Dignidad, some of whom were subjected to torture, and that some Colonia residents of the time were participants in the atrocities."

I'm by no means excusing the murders of the Spanish citizens, but here's another point of view regarding not only what took place in Spain and other countries whose citizens have been victims of knife attacks and car ramming:

Norman Finkelstein on stabbings in the West Bank:

-- This is way too complex for one or two easy answers... and yet, Norman makes it quite easy to understand.


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