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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Thursday, January 8 2009, 1:11:02 (CET)
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Sargon and Michael who are incidently both from Melbourne not Sydney are related to me in some way. They are Assyrians who arrived in Australia from the villages of north eastern Syria long the Khabour.

Their father was unfortunately very strict to the point that he may have driven them crazy. They were sheltered and isolated for so long constatntly being taught that all women were evil and all Muslims were evil etc. Both he and his brother were the most timid and tame guys you'd ever see.

Once Sargon was 18 and old enough to get out on his own he rebeled and began to see things and was influenced by his friends to experiment and participate in drugs. This also led to him finding his first ever girlfriend and his inevitable first ever heartbreak.

Unable to cope with the loss he regressed back to his father's teachings and with his young brother tagging along lured his ex girlfriend to a car park where he bludgeoned her to death and then faked a note blaming Muslims.

This is the information I got while he was in custody as I had a chance to visit both of them - for the first and only time - to try and hear their side of the story.

Since then his brother Michael has been released but Sargon has many years waiting for him thanks to the regressive atmosphere instilled in him by his father.


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