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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 11 2017, 20:18:34 (UTC)
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..this is the danger of "nice" Fascism, of modern Fascism...of Fascism with a smiley face and Nike sneakers vs Chaplin mustache and the jackboots of's just harder to spot as easily and for that reason alone all the more horrible because easy-to-tolerate.

And it's so much better to sneak Fascism into polite society through liberal democratic means than by imposing it at the end of a stick.

People will eventually see things as they really are, but you can keep them enthralled longer if you do it nicely and aren't too greedy, too cruel too obviously.

We, the human beans of the world eventually toppled tribal chiefs,kings and queens, emperors and their empires, slave drivers and owners, Fascist rulers, priests and churches and gods with our determination to gain the greatest freedom for the individual and justice for the's taken a few thousand years but we've never given up, only been stalled by outbreaks of regressive movements...but we don't's part of our evolutionary make-up....humans don't really like, and society can't really thrive under, tyranny.....and we'll get rid of this Trump and the next one and the one after him's just what we do in the end, even if we slide backwards now and then.....the arc of our human history is in our can't be denied or killed outright, just blocked here and there and then only by our own complacency and inattention...but, when we wake up....we act though hundreds of millions pay the price of revolution!

Either that or tyranny falls apart due to its own incompetence.

And now, on top of everything else we have to free the planet as well from those who make their living, and give us "jobs", by destroying our earth.

And, seriously, there's no money for health care but NASA is going to Mars? Let's at least save some money and turn our earth INTO a Mars.


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