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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 6 2013, 15:42:32 (UTC)
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presidents are show-horses...when you get into that office your movements are not your we really think an individual can use his conscience in running Raytheon...or Halliburton...or the United States? Our country is a corporation with rules and you either follow those rules, while kissing babies, or you don't...and if you don't...well. Obama follows those rules..of COURSE he had to kiss babies to get there....that's just for show...his real job is to keep the American corporation going...regardless of what we want. Can I make Halliburton conform to my wishes? What makes me think I can get the president of USA Inc to do so?

As far as leaders of these humanitarian organizations go, what better way to get along then to place your candidates in those positions? They have been infiltrated and compromised, same as happened to the Unions back when.


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