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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 6 2013, 19:07:52 (UTC)
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...all true, but there's a bigger problem and that is how we define "life" and "living" and "making a living"...what do these mean?

Life now is defined as staying alive...just the barebones act of breathing, eating and shitting, all under a roof, is all Life has come to mean...sure, we still have a few poets, but they're part of the illusion..they help keep the grindstone from being too unbearable, but for a decreasing number of people.

We have come to believe that Living requires trashing the planet, the air and water too, if it means JOBS! Even though those jobs don't serve us well, we can't imagine any other way....and that's what really has to change...not tweaking the systems that brought us here...they are beyond repair, as the planet will be soon.

Our whole monetary system is the real problem...from it flow all the's unsustainable and meant to be, that's what gives the few the edge they need to control us...if we don;t address that, we're done for...unless of course as things get worse and worse, we do "something"....but that something will be easily undone by the usual suspects..only if we pull the rug out from under the monetary system they put in place can we blunt their power ro overpower us.


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