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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, September 7 2013, 20:52:08 (UTC)
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"Our whole monetary system is the real problem...from it flow all the's unsustainable and meant to be, that's what gives the few the edge they need to control us...if we don;t address that, we're done for...unless of course as things get worse and worse, we do "something"....but that something will be easily undone by the usual suspects..only if we pull the rug out from under the monetary system they put in place can we blunt their power to overpower us."

-- I agree. Racism, sexism, homo-antagonism, xenophobia, militarism, and all of the other destructive forces in our society are all manifestations of our economic model of capitalism, and it's mutated offspring: Neoliberal Capitalism. Perkins' idea of "voting with your wallet" is something I practice daily. For instance, as a cinephile, I don't patronize cinema theaters that promote certain films that condone ideas which I find disagreeable with my political and aesthetic sensibilities. But that only goes so far. I forget who it was that said that there were groups in the Southern U.S. that wanted to make the lives of slaves more humane and bearable. But at the same time there were Abolitionists who asserted that, as you say, "tweeking" the system will only perpetuate slavery. The only true and meaningful way was to dismantle the entire slave industry. What's needed to undo neoliberalism is a united front consisting of people from all walks of life, Black, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Women, the LGBTQ, etc., whom by using non-violent resistance may have a chance to change the way things are. I don't advocate for violence for many reasons, but one is that I don't want to be engaged in acts that I find deplorable, and I will not become the reflection of that against which I rebel, because I am not like them, and I don't want to become them. The other reason has to do with something Chomsky said in his deadpan Buster Keaton-type humorous response to a journalist who asked him what he thinks about violence, about taking up arms and attacking a bank, or some other symbol of the system, to which Chomsky replied that in a theoretical occasion like that "we'd be killed in five minutes." And that's what's laughable about the Libertarian Right who think that their militias, equipped with mostly light weapons, have any chance against the sophisticated weapons and fleet of drones in the government's arsenal.


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