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Re: The Macho Violence of the Cuban Exiles
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, May 13 2012, 4:18:50 (UTC)
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Whether pro-shah Iranians, anti-Castro Cubans, Shia Iraqis and anyone else who opposes his native country, all these "liberators" behave the same way and always behave the way they claim their enemy do. After the Iraq invasion, anyone with the name "Saddam" was butchered in the streets. Many Iraqis had to change their names and the names of their children out of fear. Cubans in Miami want freedom yet there are more Cubans in Florida prisons than there are in Havana. They are more bigoted, violent and corrupt than the folks they claim to be fighting against. A lot of these Cuban assholes are descendants of those who left during the previous regime, yet the media pretends as if every Cuban in America escaped Castro. The majority of them are either descendants of those who had it great under the dictator prior to the revolution and then there are those who left Cuba because they lived like shit. No matter what garbage they speak, the Cubans have it better at home today than they did before and they are better off than all of the surrounding countries and islands around and they have it better than many Cubans in America.

Cubans in Miami have a reputation of being corrupt, drug dealers, mafia, etc. In Cuba there is no drug issue, huge prison population or any of that. They want to talk about how bad people have it, let's talk about Haiti where they live in a toilet and that's free market capitalism, or how about the Domincan Republic? Are they doing so great? Almost all of the Latin American countries have free market capitalism and they are among the poorest in the world. Cuba has a higher standard of living than all of those other toilets yet the people there need to be liberated and lack freedom? Is great health care, education, housing, electricity and affordable transportation not parts of freedom? Freedom must be what Americans have defined it to be; go to jail, sleep on streets, get arrested for drinking alcohol outside and get fucked by a tiny wealthy elite. Working for minimum wage must be their freedom and buying a pair of jeans for 100 dollars which cost few cents to make. All that must be freedom. Americans think they have it so great.

Besides Cuba, the same is true for Iraq, Iran and other countries. Iran under the Shah is views as some kind of paradise by those fucks in Orange county(sorry brother, not you), yet they never mention how the majority didn't have the basic things that everyone needs and should have. Iraq had one of the best quality of life and standard of living in the region and was well ahead of many European countries, and what do they have now with the liberators? Iraq is now the most dangerous country in the world or among the top, yet nobody feared his life like that before. The Iraqi Shias are a bunch of dick suckers and assholes. They lie and pretend as if Saddam pissed in their mouth and took things away for them. The motherfucker civilized them, built electricity for them, educated them yet they were busy sucking Khomeini dick and when he fucked them for their acts, they complain. The Kurds, what did he do to them? The motherfuckers get fucked in Turkey and can't even speak their language. Saddam recognized them and even gave them what no other country in the Middle East gives them. They had their own universities, self-control and much more. But that wasn't enough and didn't stop them from robbing banks in Kirkuk and attacking people at night like a bunch of thugs. The US media portrayed them as oppressed people, yet I told a Kurdish professor from Turkey that they had it great in iraq under Saddam and he said "absolutely, for every Kurd saddam may have killed, turkey murdered a thousand" and that's true but no word from Washington.

I hate all these fanatics and house niggers. All of them are assholes and betray their countries. Anyone who cheers on an invader and begs him to bomb the shit out of his own land should go fuck himself and needs to reexamine his life.


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