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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, October 17 2017, 14:16:51 (UTC)
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When you appease irrational people you lead them to believe they were right all along and that the reason you are being so even-handed with them is because you have no argument against their claims....your tolerance is taken as weakness...and eventually you'll have to remove your liberal-kid-gloves and confront them and of course by then and with your help, they've grown even stronger and now everyone will pay a much greater price for something which could have been handled very differently.

I say cities and universities should only allow debates, not rallies with shouting is, after all, free SPEECH and it isn't free, as on FOX, and now sadly all media outlets, when people are shouting over each other.

When a Fascist or white supremacist wants to give a talk, it should be allowed only if there can be a rebuttal in the same program...and vice versa. Let people actually HEAR what is being said and allow one speech to be challenged by another.

The Left seems more capable of actual debate than the Right. Bill O'Reiley and the crew at FOX can only function if they control the a truly free and open debate Bill would fail badly, and he knew it. To get these right wingers to even appear on talk shows the hosts have to promise not to push too hard, because the Right will just collapse...and they agree to go easy on them because otherwise the little dears won't participate and the media stations won't like that because it will appear "too one-sided" and "slanted" and "biased" they have to go easy on these folk else they'll scare them off...and this helps give the impression that Bill actually had something meaningful to say.

If we took just a little care now, we could nip this silly bud before it grows, protected by US!

We all know what torch-lit parades are trying to "say" and it isn't speech at all.


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