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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, October 18 2017, 18:03:07 (UTC)
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> -- Exactly, like the way George Galloway challenged Hitchens in New York, and we all saw how "the Hitch" fell apart.

..just recently I watched that debate again, as I do every few weeks since I first saw it a few years ago. I have great admiration still for the way Hitchens dismantled the religious folk, by which I mean Christians. I'm grateful to him and Dawkins and even Harris...but all three fail miserable when it comes to discussing Islam in any rational way.

...As pleasing as it was to watch Galloway dismantle Hitchens, I was embarrassed for Hitchens. He made such a poor showing...reminded me of a sweaty Nixon complete with darting eyes...the worst part of his performance was his repeated admonishment to the audience when they didn't agree with him that..."this is being recorded, your parents are watching, you better be careful"....say WHAT?

At a serious university you try to tilt a losing debate to your side by threatening adult, university, students with "your parents are watching"???

The only explanation there can be for such a dismal showing by a man most noted for his cool intelligence and wide ranging knowledge is that he was completely out of his depth because his argument was ridiculous and not because his technique failed him...and Galloway knew much better how to show it was Hitchens who was ridiculous.


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