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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 4 2018, 13:30:45 (UTC)
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-- Ozil is a great player. He quit the German National team in his prime. A similar thing happened to the Swedish player who I believe is Suryoyo (or Assyrian), Jimmy Durmaz, who was blamed for a foul which resulted in a set-piece goal by the Germans, who won the match, 2-1. For over a decade, I was surprised about the racism against players of color, who had bananas thrown at them, and monkey sounds screeching at them... one of my favorite players, Thierry Henry, of the French National team, started to speak out about racism against racism and bigotry against non-White players, but man... when they showed the numbers of racists, I mean fuckin' Nazis waving Swastika flags, in Spain and Italy and Portugal, and.... I was amazed. Then I remembered that Spain was Fascist under Franco until his death in the mid-1970's; Portugal was Fascist under Salazar (who died in 1970), and it wasn't until the 1974 Carnation Revolution, that there was an opening for democracy; and Italy... shit, Fascism started in Italy. The 1971 film, "The Conformist", by Bernardo Bertolucci, should be viewed and analyzed; and Erich Fromm's, "Escape From Freedom", should also be read and re-read. And Pier Paolo Pasolini's final film, the nightmarish, "Salo': The120 Days of Sodom", may also be considered, but one must have a strong stomach. Pasolini's brutal murder is still a mystery. It happened just before the film was to be released, during the bloody period in Italy, known as "The Years of Lead". Bertolucci's, "The Conformist", makes the argument that fascism is a symptom of repressed homosexuality. At least in its essence, it seems to be the case. This is that trailer for "The Conformist", it costs $2.99 to watch it on YouTube:


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