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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 4 2018, 1:51:20 (UTC)
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-- The hatred of Muslims seems to be part and parcel of this so-called nationalism: Arabs, Turks, and so on. It's like African-Americans here. If you meet one who saves your life, "he's one of the good ones", but collectively they are despised---unless they win the ball game for your local football team. Like the Egyptian Muslim Footballer (soccer player) in England, Mohammad Salah, who plays for Liverpool, and has the Brit fans singing some silly song about how they'll also be Muslim as long as Salah keep scoring goals. Or the Qurdo-Turkish Mesut Özil, who plays for Arsenal, and used to play for the German National team, until he quit, because they blamed Germany's loss and departure from the World Cup on him. As he said, and as others have said, when "I'm winning, I'm a German; when I'm losing, I'm a Turk". As far as Iraq and the war. Man, the fact that the same people who were dancing while the missiles were landing on civilian areas are the same people who voted for Trump and are puzzled why they're being deported (this also includes Chaldeans in Detroit, by the way... there was an article about the whole mess). The same is true with Iranian Trump-lovers, they voted for the guy, celebrated his inauguration, then the "Muslim Ban" was introduced (written by a Santa Monica "liberal" Jewish fascist, Stephen K. Miller), whose uncle was on Democracy Now! after the massacre of the synagogue, calling him out on his hatred. Nationalism is the "Us vs Them" bullshit. Nothing good comes out it, but hatred and war.


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