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Re: Tiny North Dakota town braces for neo-Nazi, all-white takeover
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, September 21 2013, 19:09:33 (UTC)
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"...seems to me there ought to be a rule that when you deny civil rights to anyone else, you should not be able to claim them for yourself...a sort of Golden civil rights Rule."

-- These folks are historically known to violently deny the civil rights of others, like African-Americans, women, the LGBT, and pretty much anyone who doesn't wear a sheet over their head, burn crosses on people's lawns, and yell "White Power!" while ensconced in the secure embrace of their white brethren. This Tom Metzer guy was running for office on a Democratic ticket in California. He had a solid following. But after a group of skinheads brutally murdered an Ethiopian student, he supported them by writing that they had performed their patriotic duty. Fortunately, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have had him under their scope ever since he was found out to be a racist rabble-rouser. His strategy for the last fifteen years has been to encourage his young skinhead disciples to grow their hair, cover their swastika tattoos, go to college, join the police force, and sign up for the military and come back to their private compounds (like the property purchased in North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington State), and train new recruits using the knowledge and skills they acquired. He openly says that Whites must first clean house by "taking out" white liberals and progressives, especially "the Jews" and the SPLC -- basically along the same lines of the Norway terrorist, Anders Breivik.


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