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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, August 17 2013, 9:14:56 (UTC)
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George Bush, FOX and the rest of warmongers claim that Muslims wanna kill them just because they're American, born in America and not for any other reasons. And Americans buy this lie for the most part. If you mention why the Middle East angry at them, they'll say you're siding with them, you're not being a good American or the usual" are you saying we brought this on ourselves". It's a very sophisticated form of propaganda and nowhere else can this kind of brainwashing be seen. In other countries with dictaroships, people know they have it bad and don't actually believe it. Americans are convinced otherwise and believe what they're told and are ignorant. They're convinced they have the highest minimum wage and best at everything. Poor them, if they only knew they have the lowest in industrial world, work the longest and get very little to no benefits.

I started a new job this week with an international company and the instructor was quizing us about geography and asking questions. He asked if anyone knew what minimum wage in Japan was, and the dumb people were saying things like "2 dollars per hour?" When he revealed what the average pay was, there was a loud "what?" From the crown but of course he had to keep them sleep before they wake up and he tells the how expensive Japan is and that's the reason for high pay. America has gotten very expensive and pay has not been raised, in fact, it has been reduced. What's the answer for that? America is actually like a third world country compare to western Europe and Japan.


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