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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, August 16 2013, 17:43:07 (UTC)
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Sounds like typical Christian bullshit stories. Sounds like the ones you hear from evangelical fucks when they complain about Muslims but what it really comes down to is them complaining about not being able to convert Muslims to their religion. This is what all this racism is about. If Turkey was so pro-Muslim, then why the fuck are Muslim women protesting the head-scarf(hijab)ban in that country? A woman can't get a job within the government nor go to university if she chooses to practice her religion. Where is the complaints from them naked white women in the west who are so pro-women? Where is the outrage? It seems like they're busy only defending the half naked women. As Reza Azlan stated, over 70% of Turkish women who were polled said they were opposed to the hijab ban. So much for women being forced to cover by their husbands. That might be the case for some but there yet many others who would cover up no matter what because they believe in that silly religion just as Christians believe in their silly ideas.

Christians always telling us about racism in Turkey or in Egypt but make no mention of racism in America, Australia, etc. Ever heard of South Africa and how Blacks are treated there and in the past? What about Black people and the native Americans in this country? Again, we see where this always goes. Either condemn all racism, or go fuck yourself and your Christians.


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