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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 21:56:01 (UTC)
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This is such a important part of history which the heroes ignore. Before they became Assyrian, they were Chaldean. Both denominations were calling themselves Chaldean until the findings happened. If they were Assyrian all along and Syrian was the same, the Nestorians would not have been jealous over the Chaldean label, but they would have said they were descendants of Ashur. Aprim is never shy about boasting his ancestors were better than the ancient Chaldeans and he can never write a paragraph without mentioning that Chaldeans "only rules" for a few decades. One would have expected the Nestorians to have reacted differently and not go crazy over the Chaldean name which was being used by the apostates. That's because the Nestorians didn't know about the Assyrians and would have never thought of it on their own. But then came the discoveries made by white people and of course these peasants would jump on that when seeing these findings in the same land they were living in.


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