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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 25 2013, 17:58:34 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>Rashad and Pancho, I agree on one point: Muslims saved a number of Jews and Christians because they "were people of the book". But, they were ruthless when it came to communists and socialists or anyone who didn't believe in god. It's a historical truth. The butchers of Indonesia, and closer to my own experience, the butchers of the Cherrik e Fedayee (an atheist Marxist group) in Iran who did most of the fighting, then had their revolution hi-jacked by the Islamic Khomeini Cult, and who previously were tortured in the Shah's chambers of death, faced no mercy from the Muslim "revolutionaries" who tortured them as well in the same dungeons belonging to the SAVAK, raping virgin girls so that they would not reach the afterlife, fucked by many men, in the pussy and ass, while their pimp clerics watched and "prayed" for them, while rubbing their cocks, and memorizing the grizzly rape, so that they could fantasize about it later... when they were banging their wives. This is just my opinion based on facts., it's true. As much as religious people hate those of a different religion, they have even more hatred for those who don;t believe in any god....they'll be even more violent towards their own because they are "traitors" and not just followers of another god...what we're saying is that the notion that Christians were wiped out by Muslims just because they were Christian is false....where they were attacked it was because of what they DID and not for what they believed....and they were not killed FOR being Christian, or forcibly converted on pain of is not to white-wash Islam that we say these things but just to expose the black heart of Christianity...especially the lies told by way of explaining away the fact that Christians converted to Islam by choice and in great numbers and THAT'S where all those Christians went to....they went to mosques, not to graveyards.


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