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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 10 2012, 16:19:28 (UTC)
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like clean water in the desert! Banks are evil...they were set up that way...they work that way...they have to or else they collapse...the whole thing is sleight-of-hand....when I borrow $100,000 from a bank, they don't actually have the money to lend, they don't need to...instead they are allowed to enter that loan, as a putting down those numbers on my account, they also put the same numbers down on their assets....and why? because they can loan that money back out, even though it didn't exist to begin with,,,but the interest they collect DOES exist...that's the new money, money they couldn't simply write down as if it existed...the interest I pay them is the actual money they "earn".

Fractional lending is fraud, pure and simple...and an institution that starts out in fraud, won't go will go in the same direction it was headed when will become more and more criminal...and with those ill-gotten goods they can buy political any Mafia.


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