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Re: What If Kobe Bryant Were an Imprisoned Palestinian Soccer Player?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 15 2012, 3:05:50 (UTC)
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Website title: matter what had happened...I keep coming back to..."what COULD they have done"? After Christians got done with them in 1944, what real options did they leave Jews? And, what would any other group of people or religion have done in similar circumstances?

..I'm reminded of a powerful scene in Speilberg's "Shoa"...a documentary on teevee several years back which interviewed survivors of Christian death camps...mostly Jews but there was one German Christians lady who told how she hid her Jewish neighbors in her cellar for two nights but fearing for her own family's safety, told them they had to leave...and they did, and they thanked her and forgave her...and they were eventually all killed and this nice, decent, normal lady said..."the worst thing Hitler did is he made a murderer of me"! She meant all the decent people who would never have backed the Catholic Right Wing's insanity, because that's all the Nazis were; the Catholic Right Wing.

What could this woman have done in the face of so much Catholic evil...and what were the Jews supposed to after centuries and a millenia of the same Catholic Evil...where were they SUPPOSED to go? Imagine how much it must gall Jews today to know they are beholden to the same Christians...and they ARE the same Christians...what were they supposed to do?

The fact that they've been hijacked by their own Fascists should not make us forget that we are TOO!!!


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