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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, May 4 2012, 10:55:59 (UTC)
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According to Chomsky, "We" won the war in Vietnam. "We" destroyed their agriculture, poisoned their gene pool where future generations are born like mutated sci-fi creatures (my apologies to the Vietnamese, but it's the truth).

That phony, illegal war of aggression was based on the "Domino Theory", was not as McNamarra and McGeorge Bundy had illustrated. To me, the Cosa Nostara (Mafia) is no different than world politics -- it's all about turf and markets. The US Mafia's main concern, as Chomsky points out, was Indonesia where Sukarno was "being lax" about the organized Communists Party, so by the 1965 US-funded coup and the installation of Suharto, the Indonesian military (with US weaponry and intelligence) had lists of all members and sympathizers of the Indonesian Communist Party (ICP) who were first arrested, torturted and massacred... the conservative estimate of those arrested, tortured and slowly and painfully murdered were somewhere between a million to 2 millions comrades.

So if Ho Chi Minh was successful on uniting his nation (based on the US "Declartion of Independence") and set up Vietnam as a model nation for those in the region to folow, and if the Indonesian Communist Party (ICP) had won more political might as it had never before, then the other US "turf" would fall out of the hands of the American political Mafiosi: Japan.

But by achieving that end, that is, the "cleansing of Indonesian Reds", the war could have come to an end, there would have been no 58,000 GIs dead (the rest, wounded for life and strung-out on heroin); Cambodia would not have been decimated by Nixon/Kissinger's "secret" carpet bombing, with the after effect of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge retarding the once beautiful country to a "Year Zero", there would have been no "Secret War" on Laos; no Heroin pipeline from South East Asia to the Corsican heroin manufacturing plants (flown over there by the infamous AIR AMERICA), and on and on... Nixon would not have won the '68 election by having the "Dragon Lady" send a message to the Southern Vietnamese leaders to to refuse to show up at the '69 Paris Peace Treaty.. in turn, giving him (Nixon) the upper hand to use the "Peace with honor" bullshit, which was the same deal to which all parties agreed in the '73 Peace Accord which was exactly the same as the the '68 Peace Treaty, except with fewer (much fewer) dead, and whole less destruction in South East Asia, and much too little represssion and murder at home: the sweet home apple pie and Gunsmoke.


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