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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 16 2012, 0:29:37 (UTC)
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...not if he or she becomes Muslim...being Muslim will ALWAYS disqualify your genes, or where you were born, or what language you speak...always. Which means that the only real criteria for being assyrian is being could say that it is MORE important to be Christian than to be assyrian...since not being assyrian won't stop you from being Christian, but not being Christian WILL strip you of any assyrian genes, "blood", and anything else.

No other "ethnicity" is as goofy as this one.

If Gertrude Bell had chosen "Assyria", in 1920, to be the name of what came to be Iraq, none of this would have any meaning...for the country then would have been ASSYRIA and it would have been a MUSLIM country! That would have mooted this bullshit about a Christian-only sect posing as a "nation".


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