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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, May 6 2012, 6:50:38 (UTC)
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Well said. This is where arrow gets his information from and believes there is plenty to prove Dr Joseph is wrong or that his own opinion which was given to him at birth is equal to what Joseph says, which is based on research and available evidence. Anyone can be a historian at wiki and among Assyrians. I spent hours last night on google to find any real criticism of Joseph's book and I couldn't find anything except from the heroes who were in every case amateurs. There was on one site where a Suryoyo was actually criticizing Aprim for calling John Joseph names and making accusations, and than that fellow says both have to be respected about what they have to say. As if the two are equal. I don't give a fuck what Aprim has to say and that's all just his opinion, bigotry and prejudice. I have read him and know him for too long to respect him or his views. I don't respect nazis ans I won't respect him and he is not equal to Joseph.

I guess arrow goes to wikipedia or george bebla when sick, doesn't go to a hospital where there is a doctor because it's all opinions and everyone is wrong.


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