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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 19 2013, 2:57:27 (UTC)
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Rashad wrote:
>Taco gives us the silly excuse that he already knows we have an agenda and that's why they don't come here or let us on there but that should be a reason itself for them to face us but they run and hide instead. And this is brave and Assyrians?

...they spend 24 hours a day accusing the Muslims and Turks and Qurds of having an agenda to "get assyrians"....apparently, to get anything done you NEED AN AGENDA! You can't just flail around and hope to stumble onto anything takes planning, vision, determination, a PLAN and tireless execution...what do they think, they'll trip over assyria in the dark? know those books where people write down their tasks with dates and times and objectives? Those are called an AGENDA...for a good reason! soon as an assyrian knows you have an agenda, he howls and points a finger at you as if you were breaking some laws....maybe an agenda is impossible for them to conceive of...maybe they HAVE no series of tasks to perform which need to be systematized... reminds me of the hostility these people greeted my work with...all of a sudden, because of the professionalism with which I approached sculpture, because I spent days and nights and years to reach a high standard, because of that assyrians were PISSED...because now, if you wanted to call yourself an assyrian artist, you had to do a lot MORE! You could no longer work as an engineer or doctor or teacher and spend a few hours on weekends painting or making's like an athlete who wants to be professional and has to spend series time and effort because the competition is fierce....assyrians are TERRIFIED of serious competition, of challenges, of high taco they want their OWN definition for "hero"...for "warrior"...for "fight"...they want these things to be involve no THREAT and to take no serious all means, never have an AGENDA because then you can measure progress and know if you completed your tasks or other words you will have to live up to your expectations...and assyrians want NO expectations of themselves or by anyone else.


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