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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, August 24 2013, 8:42:29 (UTC)
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It's not an argument. There hasn't been any argument with any of you dweebs. It's a fact and you people are full of shit. Your entire "nation" business is just bullshit. it's a group of Christians, the most dumb you can find who are filled with racism and hatred and you want to fool people into believing that you're a nation that's directly related to the ancient Assyrians and that you're indigenous. You're Christians who speak Aramaic, you adopted the Assyrian name for yourselves only when you came in contact with European missionaries and archaeologists. This isn't an argument but a fact. Your church adopted this name in 1976 and you people knew nothing about the ancient Assyrians prior to the great findings and did not link yourselves to the ancients prior to the rise of nationalism and only with help of British. It was white people who helped you "discover" who you people were but of course they weren't basing this on facts, just fairy tales. They used you because they needed fools so they could get hold of Middle East and then left you hated by your neighbors who were Muslims.

You have been here few months and have never challenged us in anyway nor brought anything to contradict us. We bring professionals and real historians and you brings amateurs and pastors and every asshole but an actual historian of this field who proves your case. You're Christians assholes from Middle East and "Assyrian" is just your cover up which you hide behind. You're "nation" is so weak and fragile, it collapses easier than domino blocks. Is not that you don't want to repeat yourself and we never asked you to repeat. We just asked for your evidence as we have with every other joker before you and you have nothing. So you give this cute excuse that you don't want to waste time repeating yourself. You wouldn't have to repeat yourself if you had anything.

We don't repeat ourselves because we are bored. We have jobs, lives, girlfriends, etc. We just keep on doing what we do here and contradict everything you liars put on the web.


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