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Re: cop murders Black....stay calm, if you're white.
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, September 17 2013, 1:46:55 (UTC)
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The cops are merely the armed wing of the elites. It's no coincidence that while resources are dwindling and as we approach peak oil, with uprisings all around the world and Americans at home feeling shafted by the system, local and state police have been militarized and equipped with tanks and drones, body armor and bayoneted M-16s, in preparation for greater public outrage stemming from an economy rigged to make the rich wealthier and the poor to starve like stray dogs. And just like dealing with stray dogs, the cops are trained to shoot first.. and shoot again... and some more. In Greece the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn have 21 seats in the parliament and half of the Greek police belong to the fascist terrorists who boldly go into ethnic neighborhoods and beat and murder foreign workers, or they attack and assassinate communists and anarchists, who are the only two groups fighting the fascists. Meanwhile our neo-Nazis and racist militias are carefully watching Greece and in communication with Golden Dawn and other neo-Nazi thugs in Europe and Russia. And historically western democracies and the church have always been in cahoots with the far-Right. No surprise there.


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