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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, May 4 2012, 17:43:30 (UTC)
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Arrow is a good example of this. It only took calling him out for hiding under different names and that made him run for the exit. Maybe he would have stayed and just pretended he is really fareed, but then we got a hold of his source, which he wasn't going to provide for us. That's when things really got sweaty and he knew it was done. You can change names all you want but the argument is always the same with heroes and they are too predictable. When you are taught that 2+2=15 and you have accepted it, there is not a book or teacher in the world who can change that. At some point during Saddam's time, he passed a law where it became mandatory for everyone to go to school. In my mom's days you could just keep your chickens at home, teach them what you want and send them to church. But he changed things and made is mandatory for everyone to have basic education(reading, etc). Even adults who had never gone to school where suddenly learning how to read and write which was a good thing.

The heroes, on the other hand, hated this and probably would rather go to jail than send their kids to school. Heroes hate education, schools, universities and books. It isn't surprising that the most educated among us or I should say the first ones were Chaldeans and then came the heroes. Chaldeans were already active in Iraq early on with politics, etc. During this time Aprim was still hiding in his mountains to preserve his pure blood and identity.


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