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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, November 1 2017, 18:26:04 (UTC)
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I can well understand the relief Blacks felt during the early days of Civil Rights's an understatement to say being Black in America is no joy and all too many were too eager to play along and pretend that we were now in a post-racist age...even though Blacks and whites still squirmed at the sight of Toms who took too readily to their supposed equality with whites...and whites knew what they were doing when they adopted a few Blacks as mascots to parade around to say, "see, I know a Black...and he LIKES me".

The saddest man in America is Paris Dennard.nd attack the United States

As painful as the word "nigger" is to Blacks it became even more painful for whites to be reminded, with that one word, of what they had done and what was still undone, where Blacks are should have become a reverse badge of honor as a reminder, instead of allowing whites to "not remember history".

South Carolina was the first to secede and attack the United States...and by the way, Kelley is also wrong when he says that back then loyalty to your state was far above loyalty to country....the northern states managed to stay loyal to the country AND their it could be done...South Carolina
s declaration states that Africans are not full human beings...they had to maintain that lie to justify the horrific ways they treated it really didn't matter.

Just the fact that whites took children from their mothers to sell on the slave market, children which were often the product of rape by the master (economically beneficial too) is enough to damn the people who did it and to damn anyone who ever tries to shade the truth of that horror...that ONE act of horror...among all the rest.

How many young girls and boys do you suppose were raped? And what could a mother or father do about it? Seeing how fathers rape their daughters and sodomize their sons is it too hard to imagine what these owners of people were doing...what they could do with their "property"?

I'm so grateful to Obama and Trump...the one for provoking the barely dormant racism in white America and the other for embodying this new "acceptable" form which forgets American history.

We are so much much better off with Trump as president than we would have been with Clinton and four more years of Benghazi. Better for the shit to rise...


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