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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, May 2 2012, 5:18:13 (UTC)
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I've noticed that too. I don't think they ever read what they tell us to read. If they had read it and knew it, they would post it themselves. Aprim quotes authors and even when it's a real historian he is quoting, he doesn't actually read or it doesn't even prove his case. For example, in one of his articles he quoted Albert Hourani, the historian on the modern middle east, and a very respectable author, he used him top prove that there weren't any Chaldeans and that they are a modern invention. If Aprim had actually paid attention, he would have known that Albert was only talking about the split between the church and a party joined Rome. This doesn't prove Aprim's claims nor does it prove he is Assyrian. We already know that Chaldeans were formerly Nestorians, and Albert didn't even mention Assyrians but "Nestorians" and then Aprim takes it to mean Assyrians.

This is the case with every one of the heroes. Jublat tried that strategy as well and it didn't work. He would post a link and say "here is the proof" and it was just some Coptic site pretending to be Muslims and they would say they drink urine. I mean for a busy man that he supposedly is, it's funny that he has so much time to spend on the internet and find these weird Muslims who like to drink urine. They sometimes think if they repeat the usual lie that Muslims killed them for religion, then suddenly it becomes true. Who but a fool would not wanna slap his enemies away with all the evidence if they actually had some. They wouldn't be running or hiding from us if they had any. But they know there is no evidence like that unless we take Aprim as a historian and start reading his book. Then we got Fareed on here telling us to read Bebla, another amateur, and then he asks us why we don't take him serious or why can't he refute Joseph. This is someone who is "logic" and is saying this. I fuck his logic.


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