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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 2 2012, 0:45:01 (UTC)
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I'm willing to read any serious book or article that presents their side...but they can't bring themselves to read 18 pages of one book...but argue that it's all "nonsense" anyway...this is Faith speaking, not "logic", as their faith-addled minds claim.

Fareed mentioned Cavalli Sforza and his genetic study...I didn't start out by saying it was wrong and he's a fool..I did say that I think Fareed and the rest of them are misinterpreting the results...instead I found the study and read it, same with Rollinger's article on the Turkey Tablet...and I'm glad I did.

Reading Sforza I found out, and cited the quote, that they were measuring "populations which don't tend to marry with other distinct populations". Assyrians married EVERYBODY, Christians, who call themselves assyrians, don't! Sforza accepted, as "Assyrians", a Christian sect that SAYS it's Assyrian...that isn't particularly scientific...especially when you factor in that this population can ONLY be Christian. Who decided that you had to believe in Jesus to be an Assyrian, Ashurbanipal?...and when you check to see if these Christians have married with non-Christians, you hardly need to be a scientist to conclude that they don't. I could have told them that...but that says NOTHING about that populations' claim that they and only they are says Christians don't tend to marry Muslims, that's all. Sforza should have first investigated, independently, if these Christians really ARE Assyrians, not merely taken their word for it.

..likewise with Rollinger, I realized that it doesn't matter where Syria came form, it can come from Assyria, fine...but Rollinger is an Assyriologist, concerned with ancient Assyrian history....he doesn't know that until the 19th century the only ancient name used by these Christians was Chaldean...he believed them when they told him Chaldeans are an invention of the Euros, without knowing the evidence that shows that Euros also invented Assyrians...and why were they ALL calling themselves Chaldeans for a couple of hundred years?

That came to me after I saw my Syria/Assyria argument apparently shot down (though I don;t think four lines from one tablet makes a definitive case)...I realized that was the wrong question...the right question is why did they all become Chaldeans?

I wouldn't have realized either point without reading, actually reading, both references Fareed mentioned...though he didn't bring any quotes and I don't think he's read either of them, or much of anything else.

What these guys never realize is that you grow STRONGER by having to push back..that's the reason weightlifters don't lift cookies, but iron weights...if they read Joseph they might find flaws that I can't see...and show me. And they would learn and get STRONGER in the process...but that isn't their definition of "strength" them, blind faith, like in god, is THE way to be right...and running away, is "courage"...and refusing to read opposing views so you can CHALLENGE them, is the best way to be assyrian.


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