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Re: if Syria is the same as Assyria...then why....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 18:52:14 (UTC)
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"“The Authorized Version of the Bible continued to use the same terms that the Septuagint had adopted. In 1970, the New English Bible, published by Oxford and Cambridge University presses, and translated by biblical scholars drawn from various British universities, went back to the original Hebrew terms, using Aram and Arameans for Syria and Syrians respectively.” p. 9

This requires no is no ones doesn't even take any kind of just have to READ! If Syria was the same as Assyria, then all these scholar would have changed Syria back to Assyria...but they didn't...they changed it back to Aram, which is where the Jews derived it from in the 2nd century."

- About 17 years back, when I was working at a book store across the street from college, a very nice and friendly Rabbi who (of course) was fluent in Hebrew and Aramaic told me the same thing and it made my blood boil to where I wanted to spit in his decaf coffee.. I stopped talking to him.. but since you bring this up, it brings back that repressed memory.. and a bit of shame.. I wish I'd run into him again and apologize. What a nice and patient man he was as I kept insisting I'm not Aramean, I AM ASSYRIAN, brun'it kalba!! Then I showed him my tattoo of the Star of Assur.. and he shook his head.. as if that means anything.


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