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Re: jeez!!! "Munich" Too??????
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, September 8 2013, 3:54:25 (UTC)
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Yup that's the incident I was talking about. It's funny how big of a deal Perl Harbor is made out to be. I guess not all attacks are so tragic to Americans. I hear the pro Zionist rednecks I work with and boy I almost think they're jewish with how much they boast about the strength of Israel. It's like Michelle Bachman when all she talked about was what's best for Israel the whole time during her run for president. I wanted to email her and tell her stop sucking Ariel Sharon's rotten dick. As for removing governments, that should be up to the people of those countries and not where the US/Israel dictate who goes and stays. I agree they all need to go and especially those child molesters in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi, etc. I am almost forced to support the governments who are demonized by the US and I'm glad Russia is involved in Syria and won't make things easy for the yanks or else it would be Libya but so far Syria has survived and Assad is stronger than I thought. His father was even more strong and very smart. I remember once watching some western journalist interview him and had 50 questions for him. He told the journalist to ask all the questions already and then went on to answer everyone of them in the order it was received. That's brains right there. If it were that cocaine addict Bush, he would be sweating and going "ah what was the next question?".


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