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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 8 2013, 4:55:51 (UTC)
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"I'm glad Russia is involved in Syria and won't make things easy for the yanks or else it would be Libya but so far Syria has survived and Assad is stronger than I thought."

-- Syria's Tartus is the last of the Soviet-era ports offering Russia warm water and a side door into the Eastern Mediterranean (even though I read somewhere that this is not the case). Russia will not allow this foothold to slip away. Then there's Iran and Hezbollah. I think the reason Hezbollah got involved is because a defeated Assad would isolate both Iran and Hezbollah, putting both in precarious positions where they can be separately crushed. The Israeli defeat of 2006 is hardly forgotten by both the Arabs and Israelis. The warmongers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are even planning on a Blitzkrieg strike, leveling most of Southern Lebanon to completely vanquish Hezbollah, making sure it'll never rise again. Iran will be left to the US and possibly the MEK (Mujahedeen e Khalq) who were recently pulled or de-listed from the Terror List, and given a nice office in Washington DC, where they can be near and dear to their old foes the Tagutis (Shah's supporters). Although, according to Seymour Hersh (who broke both the My Lai Massacre and the Abu Ghraib scandal), the MEK were being trained somewhere in Utah or Nevada as early as 2004, when they were still on US's Terror List. This is the same group who murdered American diplomats and contractors in Iran during the 1970s.


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