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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, August 28 2013, 4:18:43 (UTC)
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" nation uses morally outrageous weapons to kill 100 people...that's very bad.

...another nation uses whip cream to kill 100,000 people...and that's okay? nation is clearly more outrageous and immoral than the other...but, which is which?"

-- I was watching a program on the "obesity crisis" of Thai Buddhist monks who due to globalization are not getting their healthy, home-cooked traditional Thai meals made with patience, love, care, and blessings for the spiritualists in search of Nirvana. Instead of Nirvana, they are seeking Western health practitioners due to their high blood pressure and extreme weight gain because in lieu of homemade Thai food, they are given plastic-wrapped packaged meals, like the kind sold in gas station mini-marts in the good'ol U.S. of A. So what's the difference? A quick death by bombs, or a slow death from feeding the second-nature junkie of U.S. consumer products: three thousand gadgets that all do the same nothing. But make sure you buy your kid one, or else he won't get laid, not even the pimple-face "big boned" girl will give him a hand job, and his guy friends will call him a "poor beaner" though he's not Mexican... and they'll suggest to barter the power trip of "you can play with my phone... only if you suck my dick! ha ha ha ha" ... what Anthony Burgess wrote in his 1962 novel, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and Stanley Kubrick's rendition of that book is and has been frighteningly coming true. Today's youth are always ready for some "Ultra violence" ending the night with a bit of the old "in-out, in-out, droogs!"


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