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Re: "moral outrage".....say what?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, August 28 2013, 1:34:35 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>Those poor Syrians and Iraqis and all others living in the hell of war.. by the way, all this talk about who uses sarin, or who has sarin in their position... remember this... the West's friends... the Syria rebels?
>It's seven minutes long... don't watch it, take my word for it that these sons of cunts are so stupid that as US's "boys" they're revealing the received package of poisons and liquid sarin on which they test on rabbits as exhibited in the video...then they use it on people. I hate Assad and all rulers, but he's not so stupid to use sarin when he knows the entire world is watching.

...exactly! It's like the time they said Saddam would unleash his chemicals on Israel...and all he sent was pissant missiles and one Israeli girl died, of suffocation because her parents didn't know how to use the gas mask...and so when the Americans attacked the first time and Saddam's army was being slaughtered and his borders breached, why the hell didn't he use them THEN? What the fuck was this supposed madman waiting for? And if not during the first attack how about the second war? Why didn't he unleash all his weapons THEN? He and his family would go down to defeat and death, so how come this semi-Hitler didn't fire all the weapons WE SOLD HIM?'s the same bullshit again and the same people selling it and the same people believing it...our educational system has been toyed to the point where thinking people run fopr the hills and we "graduate" a bunch of idiots only slightly less stupid than the ones who stop at high school.


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