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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, May 3 2012, 12:00:54 (UTC)
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Even though it was a white terrorist who blew up the Oaklahoma Federal Building and without any remorse told the families of his victims: "get over it!",(it is still easier for whites to purchase, carry and use guns). Except for the Korean-American student at Virginia Tech who mass murdered his class mates, professors and other school officials, for the most part, it has been white kids who have gunned down other young boys and girls in most of all the previous school shootings, and yet (it is easier for whites to purchase, carry and use guns). Most "road rage" shootings, postal shootings, work place shootings -- all ending up in mass murder, have been perpetrated by "angry white men", right-winger types who listen to Rush, Hannity, O'Reily, etc., and yet (it is easier for whites to purchase, carry and use guns).

The media plays an endless loop of the Panthers wielding old, used rifles, standing in formation chanting "The Revolution gonna come (OFF THE PIGS!), Time to pick up a gun (OFF THE PIGS!)" and very rarely delve into the free breakfast programs for the improverished young Black children in the ghetto; or the medical programs (on which no one in the main stream shed any light, because it's positive and has nothing to do with guns and death and murder). The Panthers were influenced by Franz Fanon ("The Wretched of the Earth") who was a doctor and a revolutionary, as much as they were by Che, once again, a doctor and a revolutionary fighter. But when you mention the Panthers, the collective media memory immediately flashes back to one thing: BLACK VIOLENCE, and yet (it is easier for whites to purchase, carry and use guns!)

And Mid-Easterners buying guns or ferilizer for their gardens... fu'get bout it!!


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