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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 8 2012, 6:27:06 (UTC)
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I had a hero tell me that muslims forced christians to convert to islam. I asked for proof and it was wikipedia. I started laughing and called him a clown. I get an email from the moderator and he warned me not to insult him or I would be banned. I knew back then that wiki was not trustworthy and it's not scholarly at all. Anyone can put anything on there no matter how absurd. You just need an account and then gather all your sheep. The debating at UC Berkeley sounds interesting and why not do it in public and in front of educated people and white folks on top of all. Sounds great to me. But they can't remove your wiki post so that's okay too. The heroes seem to hide on there, youtube and the forums where only they are permitted to post their garbage on. I've seen a hero try to educate a foreigner and then gives out links or sources and it's the usual places where peter, aprim and the rest write on. If the information seeker has any sense and cares about who the sources are, he will just laugh at them and move on.


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