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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 14 2012, 21:51:13 (UTC)
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Whenever I talk to a black who is a church fanatic, I feel like I'm talking to a conservative cracker. It's the same reaction and arrogance and always blaming the little guy. This house nigga I work with makes every excuse possible to justify what these big corporations do and how they exploit people, environment, etc. I hate them kinds and they are so annoying. They read the bible even though it was used to justify slavery and injustice against blacks. These types always blame the victim and then have the nerves to say "we shouldn't judge" but then what do they do when it comes to gays, muslims and others? They judge people whom they don't like. They can fuck themselves and their Jesus. They think by sucking up to white people they will be favored but white people still call them niggers and make fun of them. I was complaining to a black bitch about the current situation in this country and she was a jesus fucker and took their side. She had the nerves to say if people aren't satisfied with low wages then get another job.

I told the bitch that my friends have degrees and are working two jobs because of the bad economy, and she says to find another job or get a degree in something where you find a job. Of course she will say that because she is one of them conservative hoes and gets fucked by her white pastor every day. Always blames the person who is struggling and never the actual criminals. Religion will definitely fuck your otherwise decent mind up.


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