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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 15 2013, 18:57:14 (UTC)
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...simple truths.

You watch media with their cries for war and realize it would be so easy to destroy this silly arguments and discussions about just how "exceptional" America is...but they'll never let you on...instead they bring this silly "balance" thing where two inept people yammer for a minute, and that's the news...a minute and a half is "analysis". You have to laugh when the media uses the word "liberal" or "left" if anything or anybody is on the Left who can also get on media...they call Obama "Left" just to show how little meaning words have any longer, any true meaning that is.

Put me on those programs. or Jeff, or Marcel or Rashad and so many others and we'd shut those people up...but they never would...even the so-called "left" media has to worry not to offend the administration or esle they won't get the Right on there and that will allow the Right to yell all the more loudly that those others are LEFTIST when all they're doing is telling simple truths that can't get on the air now...even Maher has to be careful or else the "fair and balanced" people won't come on his show and soon he'll be cancelled.

False arguments with ridiculous "facts" are being spewed by the minute and it's all most people Taco, and later in life they can't reason and are afraid to even think.

...this fellow speaks simple truths...there is no "other side" don't have a fair and balanced discussion with unbalanced and unfair people....there is no "other side"'s gone way beyond can't give "equal time" to the rapist and his's ludicrous to even attempt it.

American foreign policy is Rape...pure and simple. They disguise it as love, even tough love, but it's violence pure and simple.

For decades now America has taken all meaning out of the word "Love"....Americans LOVE their cars, they LOVE bacon...they LOVE the point that the word is meaningless except to sell things....Cornell West said justice is the public face of there any justice in American life American foreign policy? No...they're just selling Love.


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