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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 2 2018, 17:49:21 (UTC)
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...this business about Trump being the only one who could have done what he did for the economy is nonsense...any one of the eighteen Republican candidates running against him in the primaries would have enacted the same policies as Trump did...the truth is that Trump is popular with his base for an entirely different reason and that is because he is a racist and misogynist, and he is crude and rude and vulgar....THAT is the reason they are mad about him....

..I'm surprised no politician has run this ad against his so-called business acumen...Trump doesn't build anything...other people do. Trump merely hangs his name on the accomplishment of others. Case in point is the strong economy...Obama did that...the curve was already swinging up when Trump came in and claimed the credit and wrote TRUMP all over he always has.

The businesses that he actually started all tanked. His casinos..and who loses money on a casino! His steaks and water and airline and ties and limo service...and university...all of them failed badly and quickly fact they never made any money (except for what they initially stole from people and investors) but were kept afloat by his father's millions.

And he'll do the same here except his father is dead and can't bail out junior....he's riding the crest of an Obama wave which will begin to drop and then when he's voted out he'll blame everyone else...he'll say he SAVED us but the Democrats voted him out so the nation got what they deserved.

It's racism pure and simple which formed the base of his appeal....people are just covering over their own when they claim they like Trump because of jobs.

Getting all excited about the strong the stock market is like basing your own economic health on how many Cadillacs there are in the parking lots of casinos....the billionaires are having a blast and the waitresses might be doing better but everyone else is out in the cold....besides which, getting a few dollars more in trade for decency and civility is hardly going to sustain the country...


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