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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, May 22 2012, 2:14:47 (UTC)
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It's well known and documented by REAL historians that the Japanese were ready to sign the truce, but the Big Bully wanted to show the world that they had the bomb and will use it no matter what... and they did, and blamed the Japanese for lagging in the peace process. The same thing happened in the '68 Paris Treaty with Vietnam, the war could've ended, buy Kissinger and Nixon wanted to drag it on to show who's he boss! According to Chomsky, the war should have ended in '65 when the CIA backed Suharto to topple Sukarno (who was friendly to the Indonesian communist party numbering a million or more), but the blood-thirsty US and its corporations wanted more blood and money so they conitnued the war and destroyed the region, where now generations after ther '74 truce are malfunctioned: phsyically, ecologically, and in every possible way imaginable. There will be a war in Iran, worse that Iraq, but, Iran has Hizb'allah to atttack Israel from the north, Islamic Jihad and Hamas from the West, they'll blow up the Straits of Hormuz, and have a few other sectrets up their sleeves. Iran wont go down, just as Iraq or Afghanistan will not go down withiout a good fight. And the Occupy Movement is not going to just protest for a few days and fade out... It is interesting times, amigo.. Also, remember China, Russia, Latin America, etc., USA and Israel are the ones who are alone in this fight (and their lap dogs UK, Germany, and the few white colonizers.) And with all of their "shock and awe" they know this and among their own there shall be mutiny.... Just as among the Iranians, who repress their youth, their should and must be mutiny and all brothers and sisters, instead of shootin and killing one another, will "come together, yeah!"


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