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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, May 22 2012, 19:26:00 (UTC)
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I speculate that the real war is the class war which uses violent "patriotic wars" to divert the masses from the essential issues: the upward funneling of working class funds (taxes) to the the 1%. With the media propaganda rallying the people around the Wall Street warmongers, sending the poor kids (Black, Latino, white, Asian, and others) to get blown to pieces, no parents - especially mothers - will have a moments time to reflect that these wars are nothing but extracting resources, moneys and send little "bobby" to hell, only to return home and hang himself, because he slaughtered not one, but many women, childern, the elderly, the disabled...

Anytime there's a solidarity among the citizenry... the media scripts a PR narrative of the "other" who's about to attack us..Bullshit!! How stupid can a people be? Apparantly.... quite a lot, since they believe what they hear, read and see at FOX, and send their youngsters to get FUCKED FOR LIFE so that the Wall Street boys, and the Halls of war can pat eachother on the back, congratulating yet another set of bases, and another chess move against China/Russia.


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