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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 22 2012, 7:35:08 (UTC)
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And Kennedy was never for the Vietnam war and he was looking to get out of it early on. As soon as he was murdered, the topic within an hour later was the war, and it went on for many more years. The US is addicted to war and this country is little over 200 years old. We go to war every few years and average one major war every 20 years. There is a reason this country spends so much on weapons/military; it is because wars are anticipated and a war will be created if there isn't one. Before the gulf war, Bush was going nuts wondering where the next battle would come from. He set up Saddam to invade Kuwait, which used to belong to Iraq, and this was the next war. The warmongers always talk about how Bush and the republicans don't back down from enemies and win wars, but what they don't mention is how they defund human services and even programs which hurt military vets. This is why there are so many homeless who are war vets and they end up on the streets because funds are cut and programs are slashed.

They had socialism, yet they end up hurting their own heroes after they come back from wars. They say to do for yourself and not depend on government to provide for you yet the wealthy, bankers, ceo's, etc run to the government for cash assistance.


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