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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 21 2012, 22:35:21 (UTC)
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...the argument that we had to use those bombs else many American soldiers would diealways struck me as it just me or arenīt soldiers expected to die in warfare? Itīs civilians that werenīt supposed to be killed...soldiers are fair game.

Next time just skip enemy soldier altogether, after all they might have a gun and you could get hurt...instead go kill their kids...that will keep you safe and will likely break their hearts...of course they could always come for YOUR kids...wait, they do already...thatīs what we call "terrorists"...people whose children we kill with bombs dropped by soldiers from 10,000 feet up, but who mustnīt toss bombs from passing motor scooters at our kids...weīre the ones who taught them to go for the wife and kids...wasnīt their idea...just as with Native Americans among whom it was a shame to kill any BUT warrior/soldiers....we raided their villages when their men had been lured away thinking they were going to confront equally brave warriors to find that our own soldeirs had killed their wives and children instead...Native Americans never could adapt to they perished.

Go ahead...start a war withIran and then with everybody else in the world...destroy the world to make it safe.


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